Dear Hicks Canyon Families,


We need you! By donating to Team Husky, you will support and enhance your child’s education!


We are kicking off the school year with Team Husky Membership Drive and asking all Hicks Canyon families to join us in making a difference in our children’s education. Hicks Canyon’s PTO is dedicated to enhance the quality of our students’ education by providing valuable programs and offering financial support to our teachers and school. This year, we will again focus on raising funds primarily through our Team Husky Membership Drive and the spring Jog-a-Thon. Every dollar PTO raised goes directly back to our school and students.


Hicks Canyon’s PTO provides programs and materials that are not funded by the state. These programs and materials benefit every student at the school. For the each school year, we need more than $200,000 for PTO funded items and activities, like:

  • Technologies- IPads, Friday Howl, Software Programs
  • PE Program
  • Teacher’s Aides
  • Classroom Allowances – for supplies and other needs
  • Student Programs and Assemblies
  • Library books and supplies
  • Buses for field trips
  • School printing supplies
  • Family Events (dances, donuts with family, talent show)
  • Emergency preparedness supplies
  • Binder reminders and Scholastic news
  • And so much more!

Your support helps make Hicks Canyon a top-notch school! We cannot imagine one day without all these invaluable resources. 

To make all these programs and services possible, our goal is to have 100% participation in our Team Husky Membership Drive. We are asking families for a voluntary donation of $200 per child which equates to just $1.11 per day of school. Please also check to see if your employer matches employee contributions to schools. Many of the companies that provide matching funds are listed on our website.


On behalf of the PTO board, teachers and the students of Hicks Canyon, we thank you in advance for your contribution and support. If you have any questions about PTO programs or funds, please feel free to contact us at PTOPresident@HicksCanyon.Org.






Please provide us the best contact information so we can answer any questions you may have.


On behalf of all the students, parents and faculty. . .  Thank you for your support. Our school would not be the same without sponsors like you!